Gordon McCambridge
January 5, 2021
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

I was reviewing New Year’s resolutions with a friend recently. I realized this year I really wanted to have one, and I’ve settled on trying to write more. I enjoy writing. I find it reflective and therapeutic, a chance to condense and distill thoughts. Writing more could be a good opportunity to share what is going on with us/me, particularly as we continue to be unable to see each other in person. And it might give folks more reason to visit our website! So here goes…

So perhaps question one – why haven’t I done this before? Many of you have had kind words over the years for the few things I have written, and encouraged me to do more. But I don’t know… there have been moments when the experience was a little too intense to start breaking down in real time. I also had the sense that I needed to play a few more seasons before I could have my own opinions in front of the veterans in the locker room. I still certainly haven’t seen everything yet, but I do think I’m starting to develop some consistent views which I would be willing to share in this next year.

Then question two – what to write about? Perhaps the most obvious path would be to write about China. Life here can be so viscerally different that often a picture alone can tell the whole story. And there are infinite topics to discuss. But I hope to also spend some time discussing manufacturing, what I’ve learned and the challenges that will always remain. I’d also like to spend some time talking about starting a business, thoughts from my own experience and having the opportunity to watch others. These last two categories are definitely where my own dreams and nightmares lie, so we’ll see how “real” I’m able to get (maybe too real).

I’m not sure what a schedule might look like, how long or short you can expect my posts to be. But consider this my public declaration – I hope you will hold me to it.