Irene Huang
Shenzhen, China

“We went to see the Movie Wolf Warriors this afternoon which, had hit the record of 3.8 billion box office in Chinese movie history. Hardly felt like a business trip! We chatted about our little office as we sit by the window of a restaurant. It’s been only over two months but everything has been going from good towards better. Over two months ago, I decided to commit myself to an entrepreneurship experience with Gordon in a field that was quite foreign to me, because I trusted that I still had the ability to find new passions and learn new skills! Happily, I did gradually start to enjoy so much the time I am with two American boys. There have been many tasks ahead of us, but as I look at the progress we made, I can see that we have successfully tackled each one so far. A lot of things could happen within one year. I look forward to so much more adventures and surprises. – 23:00 8/6/2017 Ningbo.”

This is a post I wrote in my WeChat Moment on the night of a business trip to Ningbo, Zhejiang. It fully expressed my growing passion on my current work. Transition from liberal arts education to engineering was not easy though exciting, but what I love is this excitement brought by challenges and hectic state!

I am really grateful to our two Yale graduates Gordon and Erik who have seized every opportunity to mentor me along the way. They have impressed me with both their adventurous spirits and quirky humor, as well as their ability to focus when engaged, to be professional around our clients, and to design new products from scratch. At times, I can’t help but feel like there is some sort of great purpose for us to gather together from different parts of the world into this little beautiful office, from such different backgrounds and such complimentary skills.

September is coming I can’t help being excited whenever I think of our trips to the US planned to meet with our clients, present our stories and participate in a trade show in Chicago. I will be also missing the smell of coffee made by Erik and the “beautiful” music sang by Gordon.

Best wishes to my team!